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Key Personnel

Shane Kerrisk
Managing Director

Shane runs the day to day management of the company working closely with clients to ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget. Shane's vision for DSK is to constantly improve performance through investment in new technologies and staff training.

Graeme Brandt
Operations Manager

Graeme's role with DSK is to coordinate the team and schedule the human, mechanical and material resources required for each project. He oversees apprentices and ensures trade qualifications are kept up to date. Graeme plays a vital role in ensuring that the day-to-day operations of DSK run smoothly. He is responsible for ensuring that effective methods are put into place so that DSK runs to it's maximum productivity.


James Douglas
Project Engineer

James looks after a number of site works undertaken by DSK. As a project engineer he works with our clients and staff to make sure all project expectations are met & exceeded. James  represents DSK out in the field, helps our staff interpret the job's designs, ensures the job is constructed according to the project plans and works on project controls, including budgeting, scheduling, and planning.


Richard Briggs
Project Engineer

Richard came to DSK in 2014 and is also a Project Engineer. Richard oversees the mechanical engineering and automation requirements for each project. His role includes daily operations of field work activities and organisation of subcontractors; coordination of projects, especially involving conveyors/robotics; ensuring projects are built correctly; project schedules are followed; correct interpretation of drawings for tradesmen and the reviewing of engineering deliverables for regular project status reports.


Dave Couchman
Workshop Foreman/Sheet Metal Fabrication Foreman

Dave has a multi-purpose role within DSK.  He acts as Graeme's leading hand, assists in developing and monitoring schedules, and takes responsibility for assigning team members to projects. He also manages small scale projects.  Dave is able to bring measurable quality assurance standards to DSK's sheet metal shop.  As a qualified NCEA Accreditor,   He regularly trains between five and seven apprentices at a time as well as supervising and coordinating sheet metal fabrication


John Ludlow
Machine Shop Manager

John runs DSK's machine shop and oversees the fabrication of standard, spare and customised components. He heads up a team of three machine operators using both manual and CNC (Computer Numerical Control), multi-axis mills, and lathes.


Keith Butzbatch
Senior Designer

Keith heads up DSK's CAD and SolidWorks 3D modelling services. He is responsible for turning ideas into working designs for finished manufactured products.