Passion for Steel

DSK has come a long way for a company that started life in 1990 as a workshop in a shipping container, contracting engineering and maintenance services to food giant Heinz Watties.

As the company grew, DSK moved out of the shipping container and now a team of more than 65, including four apprentices, are housed in its purpose-built Hastings plant delivering a comprehensive range of engineering capability to industry.

As it was when we started, creativity and innovation remain at the heart of what we do. As a team we are all driven by constant improvement – finding more refined, efficient and responsive ways to service our clients’ changing needs.

From concept to manufacture, we are equally comfortable with small components as we are large, complex plant fit-outs. Our specialist knowledge of the wine, food processing and manufacturing industries has seen us work with many leading companies including ENZA, McCain Foods, Heinz Watties, Apollo Foods, Tow & Blow, Delegats and Craggy Range.

Why DSK?
DSK was named after the initials of its founders, Derek Strampel and Shane Kerrisk. While Derek exited the business in 1991, Shane has continued to operate under the DSK name, and is the company’s sole owner and managing director.

“I am proud of the way DSK is constantly evolving. We are always looking at new ways of solving industry’s problems and improving processes using innovative thinking combined with cutting-edge technology. We’re in the business of making our clients’ lives easier and making them look good.”

– Shane Kerrisk, Managing Director/Owner

Management Team

It takes extraordinary people to do extraordinary things.

Shane Kerrisk

Managing Director / Owner
027 4466 897

As owner and managing director of DSK, Shane oversees the day to day running of the company and works closely with clients to ensure projects are delivered on time and on budget. Shane's vision for DSK is to constantly improve performance through investment in upskilling and new technology.

The most satisfying part of my role is working with the team on design solutions that solve clients’ problems and make their business more efficient.

Dave Couchman

Workshop Foreman
027 123 456

Dave has come from a sheet-metal background and as Workshop Manager, organises the day to day running of our busy workshop. He also acts as a technical adviser on key projects and one-off unique job designs.

Nigel Allport

Project Manager
027 332 0777

Nigel comes from an Engineering Production background, well trained in Maintenance and Diagnostics. He has led engineering teams to perform maintenance and improvement projects. Working for DSK engineering as a Project Manager, Nigel provides engineering solutions to clients while working with DSK’s team of skilled engineers.

We strive to exceed our client’s expectations.

Ben Peffer | DSK

Ben Peffer

Project Manager
021 916 924

With a strong background in engineering in the food processing sector Ben has been trained in Maintenance and Diagnostics. He has experience leading engineering teams and implementing maintenance plans to reduce downtime and to increase overall efficiency. As a Project Manager for DSK, Ben takes the challenge of bringing client, project and staff together to meet the defined needs of the client.

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.

John Ludlow

Machine Shop Manager
027 230 9254

John runs DSK’s machine shop and oversees the fabrication of standard, spare and customised components. He heads up a team of three machine operators using both manual and CNC (Computer Numerical Control), multi-axis mills, and lathes.

Bianca Damasco

Purchasing Officer
027 290 0901

Bianca has worked through DSK’s ERP software systems and assisted in accounts. She has moved into the Purchasing role and has already stamped her mark in DSK’s store. Bianca works through all required purchased items by forwarding orders to suppliers, monitoring and expediting orders.

What gets measured, gets managed. The line between disorder and order lies in efficient purchasing and logistics

Keith Butzbatch

Senior Engineering Designer
027 4040 128

Keith joined DSK in 2008. As head of the company’s CAD and SolidWorks 3D modelling services, Keith is responsible for turning ideas into working designs for finished manufactured products, and ensuring those products are manufactured as efficiently as possible.

The most satisfying part of my job is when projects are finished and exceed our customers’ expectations. It’s interesting work and I work with good people.

Corneliu Bodiu

Mechanical Engineering Draftsperson
06 872 7033

Corneliu has been with DSK for more than 1 year now. As a Mechanical Draftsperson, he is more than adept at both Solidworks and AutoCAD. Corneliu works to build functional, secure and well-designed products and structures that meet our needs. He works with our Project Managers and clients, supplying detailed designs accompanied by engineering calculations, material requirements and technical drawings.

Jo Dudding

Office Administrator
06 872 7033

Jo is the new Office Administrator for DSK Engineering and comes to us with a wealth of financial and payroll experience which will help to provide the best support to DSK and their clients. Jo is responsible for the day to day running of the reception office and the financial functions as well as processing payroll for all staff.

We are all part of a great team working towards the same goal and I look forward to a long working relationship with the company

DSK full service solutions

We are one of the largest and most experienced engineering companies in Hawke’s Bay. Our 2100m2 workshop includes facilities for small and large scale machining, sheet metal and heavy fabrication, and glass-bead blasting.

– Scope evaluation

Together with our clients, we scope every project to identify critical factors such as industry standards, timelines and budgets. DSK has dedicated and skilled project managers who oversee projects from start to finish, ensuring quality standards are met.

– Design

DSK’s team of experienced and specialist designers will take your idea and translate it into a functional piece of machinery, a process or a turnkey solution. We incorporate the very latest technology and automation into the design process to ensure accuracy and consistency in short and long product runs.

– Manufacturing & Installation

Our large workshop area has a flexible layout which gives us the ability to adapt to our clients’ requirements. An overhead crane and gantry allows us to manufacture large scale products and our workshop has the capacity to build whole lines and pre-commission them on site prior to installation.

– Ongoing support

At your place or ours, our team provides a comprehensive installation, maintenance and breakdown service, keeping your business in business 24/7.