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Automation & Robotics

Ultimately, any process can be automated.

DSK has formed a strategic partnership with CRL to design and deliver automation and robotics components for our industrial installations, thus achieving a turn-key solution for our clients.

Automation optimises processes for increased efficiency, reliability and repeatability.

We can also incorporate robotic solutions for a variety of applications from heavy lifting to dextrous repetitive roles which are potentially harmful or onerous for people to perform.

Duty Free Robotic Delivery System

ABB approached DSK Engineering and Crossman Richards Ltd asking for a price to design and build robotic collection system for a duty free provider operating out of Auckland airport.

The brief was 180 plus bins in three different sizes to be located in a shelf system with pin point accuracy.

  1. A robot head and pick up system needed to be designed along with sturdy drawers capable of holding up to 20kgs.
  2. A customer interface also needed to be built, that allowed for bar code scanning of orders and retrieval of purchased items delivered via pre-loaded drawers.
  3. All structural elements needed to be considered to integrate the unit in a kitset form into a very tight space with very limited access.

The aesthetic brief was extremely important as this was a flag ship display.

Prototypes were produced then concept drawings and mock ups were signed off.



DSK worked with structural engineers to ensure the dynamic loads of the robot in motion were catered for by the support structure and not transferred into the floor.

CR programed the robot's movements and worked with the client, developing software to interface with their internal systems.

The project was delivered on time and on budget.




Crossman Richards                     


Crossman Richards Ltd provides automation and electrical engineering solutions to industry, specialising in industrial automation, software development and engineering, control design and robotics.

Their solutions range from add-ons for simple stand-alone machines through to large turn-key greenfield projects. They have proven capability to design and deliver projects across a wide range of disciplines and industry sectors.

Our companies have synergy from a shared history of working on common projects. This has been a successful initiative and together we are highly competitive in the robotics solutions sector.