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Passion for Steel

DSK has come a long way for a company that started life in 1990 as a workshop in a shipping container, contracting engineering and maintenance services to food giant Heinz Watties.
As the company grew, DSK moved out of the shipping container and are now a team of more than 65, including engineers, apprentices and designers. Situated in a purpose-built Hastings plant delivering a comprehensive range of engineering capability to industry.

As it was when we started, creativity and innovation remain at the heart of what we do. As a team we are all driven by constant improvement – finding more refined, efficient and responsive ways to service our clients’ changing needs.

From concept to manufacture, we are equally comfortable with small components as we are large, complex plant fit-outs. Our specialist knowledge of the wine, food processing and manufacturing industries has seen us work with many leading companies including ENZA, McCain Foods, Heinz Watties, Apollo Foods, Tow & Blow, Delegats and Craggy Range.

Why DSK?

DSK was named after the initials of its founders, Derek Strampel and Shane Kerrisk. While Derek exited the business in 1991, Shane has continued to operate under the DSK name, and is one of the owners and managing director.

“I am proud of the way DSK is constantly evolving. We are always looking at new ways of solving industry’s problems and improving processes using innovative thinking combined with cutting-edge technology. We’re in the business of making our clients’ lives easier and making them look good.”

Shane Kerrisk - Managing Director/Owner

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