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Automation & Robotics


Automation brings increased efficiency, reliability and repeatability to manual processes, optimising efficiency within a business.

With in house skills and experience DSK have the ability to design and deliver automation and robotics components for industrial installations, giving our clients a full-service solution and the benefit of the IP and technological know-how.


Case Study

Duty Free Robotic Delivery System, Auckland.

DSK Engineering and CR Automation won a tender for the design and build of a robotic collection system for a Duty Free provider operating out of Auckland airport.
The Brief

To create a picking system where a robot head would select items from more than 180 bins of varying sizes, with pinpoint accuracy. The pick-up system needed to be designed, along with sturdy drawers to hold the goods, each capable of holding up to 20kg. A customer interface also needed to be incorporated, allowing for barcode scanning of orders and retrieval of purchased items delivered via pre-loaded drawers.

The Solution

With very tight space and limited access, DSK worked with structural engineers to ensure the dynamic loads of the robot in motion were catered for by the support structure and not transferred into the floor. CR Automation programmed the robot’s movements and worked with the client, developing software to interface with their internal systems. The project was delivered on time and on budget.


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